Education Verification Service

Cambell University has been catering to the educational needs of working adults and job seekers who want to excel in their careers. Thanks to its quality education and outstanding student services, Cambell University is ideal for students around the world who are seeking a bright career and professional success. Degrees by Cambell University are conferred on the graduates after proper assessment of their eligibility. Also, if you want to have some assistance and wonder "Who could write my discussion post for me?", you may leave your request via contact form at

Cambell University also provides education verification service exclusively to its students and alumni. Thanks to the education verification service, the prospective employers or educational institutions can be sure that the credentials earned by Cambell University’s graduates are 100 percent authentic and credible.

At Cambell University, when a working adult requires education verification service, we send the required educational documents to his/her employer(s) or educational institution through postal mail or e-mail.

Education Verification Service by Cambell University

The degree documents provided by Cambell University, contains 4 copies of Educational Verification Letter. These letters can be submitted by the student to the employer upon placing a request for the Educational Verification Service with the university, for a small fee. A student may order as many Educational Verification Letters as desired through the Application Form.

Education Verification Area

If you want to know what your employer would be viewing by clicking on the link mentioned in your education verification letter, click here.