Facts about Cambell University

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Being a responsible institution, Cambell University believes in its core values which help shape and guide the academic life of students who enroll in any of its educational program. You can also buy a personal statement online from one of the editors that still reside at https://topdissertations.com/buy-a-personal-statement/.

The Mission of Cambell University is to equip working professionals with the right credentials they need to face challenges of today’s fast-paced and fiercely competitive world.

Cambell University aims to educate people using modern technologies such as the Internet, regardless of time and geographical boundaries, ensuring that it offers all degree programs at fees that are easily affordable for working professionals.

Cambell University is one of the most popular universities online; in 2007-2008, it received 45,862 applications for various online distance learning programs.

Following are the number of students who enrolled in various programs at Cambell University:

Business & Management
(8475 degrees awarded in 2009)
(4654 degrees awarded in 2009)
Computer Science
(6473 degrees awarded in 2009)
Social Services
(4375 degrees awarded in 2009)
(5734 degrees awarded in 2009)
Natural Sciences
(3929 degrees awarded in 2009)
Criminal Justice
(5132 degrees awarded in 2009)
Health Sciences
(3475 degrees awarded in 2009)
(4957 degrees awarded in 2009)
Performing Arts
(3348 degrees awarded in 2009)

About the staff

220 faculty members for various disciplines
50 administrative staff
80 students support services staff

Total degrees awarded till, 2009

50,000 (including all programs and courses)
Graduate Program:
273 majors for Bachelor Program
273 majors for Associate Program
Postgraduate Program:
240 majors for Master's Program
273 majors for Doctorate Program
250 majors for PhD Program