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  • 1 Original Accredited Degree
  • 1 Original Transcripts
  • 1 Award of Excellence
  • 1 Certificate of Distinction
  • 1 Certificate of Membership
  • 1 Education Verification Letters

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An Apostille is the official and documented recognition of public documents for their international use in all nations that have joined the Hague Convention. The main function of the Apostille is to certify the authenticity of the signature on the document (i.e. State Registrar, County Clerk, Judge, Vital Records Officer or Notary Public). The Apostille is a one page document embossed with the Great Seal of a State and includes the facsimile signature of the individual issuing the certificate




Our Distance Learning Evaluation Panel

Cambell University takes pride in its Distance Learning Evaluation Panel that adds truly bright and deserving students to the Cambell family year after year. Our students become outstanding essays writers and prove that our University remains one of the best in the state.

When a student applies, our Distance Learning Evaluation Panel is responsible for fully reviewing each of the applicant’s profile at Cambell for higher studies. Our Distance Learning Evaluation Panel comprises of highly paid teachers and lecturers from leading universities, who thoroughly review every admission application before taking a decision. Also, we have experts from different professions who can utilize their valuable experience to evaluate an applicant’s credentials and make a decision regarding offering admission as well. Only after having met the panel’s stringent set of evaluation criterion, are the applicants welcomed at Cambell to pursue their choice of studies.

In case where an applicant has been approved to be a student at Cambell University by the panel, they will be receiving a confirmation email as well as a confirmation call from one of our representatives in a matter of 48 to 72 hours. The students will also receive an acceptance letter sent from Cambell University.